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6 September
Повышение квалификации

Рекомендуем удобный сервис по поиску образовательных курсов

26 March
Карантинная неделя

Режим работы компании в период карантинной недели c 30 марта по 5 апреля 2020 г.

2 July
Дизайн интерьера - новый раздел на сайте

Новый раздел на нашем сайте посвященный дизайну интерьера. Весь спектр проектных работ в одном месте.

House Plans

A wide range of ready-made cottage plans. More than 300 options of houses for every taste and styles in our collection.

House plan page

The building house a complex and lengthy process, and the right choice the key to successful plans completion on schedule and budget. Our online store houses plans tries to tell in detail about our product and help you make the right choice. It is very important that you know exactly in what form, composition and volume you buy the plan documentation.

On the plan page shows images of the design house from different points and the orthogonal projections of facades.


Specifications of a house plans

The main parameters of the plans: the materials used and the types of structures are presented in the tab "Features at home":

  • Total area;
  • Living space;
  • Dimensions of development;
  • Floor material
  • Number of floors;
  • The presence of the basement;
  • Type foundation;
  • Material finishes of the basement;
  • Material facade decoration;
  • Roof type;
  • Garage;

For more explanation on the item of interest, you can get by clicking the sign "?"


The composition of the plans at home

Plans documentation was developed, consisting of two sections, A3:

  • Architectural solutions (AS)
  • Design documentation (DD);

 Rate volume study and the composition of each of the sections can be on in the "Plan structure" tab page of the plan. We presented a screenshot of each sheet of the house plan and its name, which you will receive after your purchase.

Состав проекта.jpg

We can develop further if necessary the necessary partitions for you. To do this, please contact our consultants.


3D visualization of the plan

To facilitate the perception of dream home as a whole, many plans have a 3D visualization. By moving the cursor you can rotate the model to the desired angle.



Service "Calculating the cost of construction"

A unique opportunity for our customers to choose the design of the dream house, not only in appearance and layout, but also the cost of construction. Select the plan you like, pay for the cost of construction payment any way you want and find out what it would cost to build a house you like. Service will allow you to navigate on the value of construction services and materials. Also, you can manually change the price of the selected items, depending on the construction site, and instantly recalculate the final price of the construction of the entire house or the selected stage.

Расчет стоимости.jpg


How to buy a house plan

We maximally facilitated online shopping house plan procedure.

On the plan page, specify the price for the complete set of documentation, you can also choose and pay for:

  • One copy more;
  • Reverse plan;
  • House passport;
  • Changing foundation type;
  • Estimate;
Купить проект.jpg

For more explanation on the item of interest, you can get by clicking the sign "?"


Once you have decided on the completeness of the plans, select the method of payment:

  • Credit card
  • Money Order Sberbank


Fill in the delivery address and the address of the facility.

Complete payment.


After transferring the money to the company account manager will contact you to specify the time, place and time of delivery of the design documentation. More delivery process is described in the tab "Delivery" page of each plan.


Questions about the house plans

The most popular items collected in the tab "FAQ Project", please get acquainted with them. If you can not find your desired response, please use the online consultant or send us an e-mail.


We can customize any house plan to your wishes